Your help matters
Joining Dorights have a significant impact on the future. A lot of our subscribers even have a net negative climate footprint.

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49 SEK/month
  • Two free months
  • Free eco T-shirt
  • Reduce 64 % of household emissions
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99 SEK/month
  • Two free months
  • Free eco T-shirt
  • Reduce 130 % of household emissions
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149 SEK/month
  • Two free months
  • Free eco T-shirt
  • Reduce 208 % of household emissions
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What you get

No hidden numbers

Total transparency

Of revenue disposable to Dorights 85 % is directed towards activities which directly reduce emissions. The remaining 15 % is directed towards supporting activities that will indirectly reduce emissions.

We believe environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with other social responsibilities. Our goals and openness are not only towards our subscribers but also to society as a whole. In no way do we seek tax havens or engage in any other colluded activities.

All calculations are based on the impact of emission allowances and our detailed money flow. From these we calculate how much money there is to purchase emission allowances for and how much these allowances represent in mitigated emissions.

No fantasy numbers

Better results

Most other services are odd. They take your money and give it away to profit generating projects. Dorights won't do that.

If any project we support generate revenue we will make sure we get a fair share. We will then take that money and add it to your subscriptions to further increase the impact. That's smart. We are also transparent with everything, so we won't secretly own any project through offshore holdings, smart.

All profit should be invested in emerging technologies or solutions that will improve sustainability. We will keep our members updated will everything we do.

Where the money goes

News, updates and future plans

We won't leave you wondering where the money goes. Radical transparency means that every effort goes documented and is presented to you through various channels.

We'll update you with our activities and efforts. On our website we'll constantly provide you with blog posts and news regarding the development and through mail correspondence you'll get updates regularly.

Want to get involved?

We'll be happy to partner with influential people driven by the same ambition and vision as us.

If you feel Dorights' solution is something you'd like to get involved with and to help us spread the word - get in touch! We offer ambassador benefits as well as provide materials for distribution.