Innovative and effective solutions
Dorights funnels all disposable income into emission rights, but we are also constantly on the lookout for game-changing emerging technologies and solutions to support.
Facts and figures

Projects and financial matters

All members will be kept posted on any developments through our newsletter. Our goal is to achieve as much long-term climate balancing as possible while also respecting and abiding by all applicable laws, social and financial responsibilities.

Fiduciary responsibility guides all activities at Dorights. Our primary goal is not financial returns, our primary goal is to limit the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Everyday, we are ferociously dedicated to deliver on that promise to all our members. We our so incredibly proud of the trust you have placed with us. That pride drives us to deliver and excel at everything we do. We are confident that we can limit emissions and balance the climate, we can’t do it alone, but as we grow with every member it is so obvious to us that there’s a force out there, a force to be reckoned with. If you want to get involved beyond a membership we’d love to hear from you!

Legally protected emission reductions

Why do we purchase emission rights?

EU Allowances grant corporations the right to emit. We call them emission rights. For every tonne of CO2 emitted, corporations are legally bound to submit one emission right. There’s a limited number of allowances for corporations to buy and protect their emissions with. Our goal is to buy them, a lot of them - and never use them.

A lot of similar services to Dorights may either plant trees, hand out electric ovens in developing parts of the world or support renewable energy sources. We dislike these solutions. They usually fail in the long-term, make a lot of assumptions or support something that would have been built regardless. Dorights solution, instead, is to rely on EU regulations. Emission rights are auctioned and traded in an open market.  By taking part in the trade, we reduce the amount of emission rights available for polluting corporations.

Industry-unique financial transparency

Where does the money go?

It is difficult for us to find the balance between too much and too little information, especially regarding financial figures, taxes and the like. We want our interested members to understand our money flow. Regardless of this, if you believe that there is too much or too little information, we are more than glad to explain or provide more figures. Shoot us an email at

First of all, Dorights take no part in any colluded activities or seeks tax havens. This means that one chunk of the money goes towards taxes and fees; social and environmental sustainability goes hand-in-hand. When we have paid our dues we are left with what we call a disposable income. Of the disposable income, 85% goes towards activities that directly limit greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The remaining 15% fund supporting activities such as running a website, reaching a larger audience, investigating new technologies, accounting, and other corporate stuff.

The full view

Transparency Report - 2019

Each year Dorights publishes a transparency report to discuss what we have done, what we will change and how we will do. It is our way of opening up the nitty gritty of Dorights activities, and it is how we continuously improve.

Dorights’ 2019 has been eventful, with many firsts. Our first customers, our first tonne of CO2 mitigated, our first website, our first advertisements, our first partnership. We are now ready to accelerate, grow our firsts and find new ones.

Dismantle emissions

Compensate for or simply reduce greenhouse gas emissions with Dorights. Choose between multiple subscription plans for a simple and effective solution that suits you.

Fact: European electricity production from coal plants declined by 19% on a year-on-year basis, let’s keep this change going.