February 4, 2020

New website developed in partnership with Infrakultur

Dorights’ website is an important tool for us. It is typically the portal for new customers and also the medium where our members take part of new information about our progress and different projects. It has been a fun and productive partnership with Infrakultur.

Transparency is a key aspect of Dorights and the new website has been developed to both simplify for new members to join and on a more structured information presentation. Infrakultur has in discussion with Dorights developed the website to take it to the next level.

“It’s been a productive journey where Dorights needs have been mapped and developed. Infrakultur have been a terrific partner during this journey” says Dorights’ CEO John Diklev.


Dorights Transparency Report is a new communications tool that will be developed as a consequence of the new website. “Our Transparency Report will be the place to go to find all the details about Dorights. The website will now act as a general, broad information base with the report taking on the responsibility of more in-depth knowledge about our financials, ownership structure, projects and much more.” says John Diklev.


Please do visit www.infrakultur.se if you have a project that needs a website.