Frequently asked questions

We we will buy corporations’ emission rights, we will sponsor new, clever and innovative technologies. We fight to reinstate climate balance.

Dorights’ unique smart solution to fight climate change enables you to achieve long term impact. We take custodianship over whatever you entrust with us and it is our greatest responsibility - to maximize your impact. We look everywhere to improve and if we can improve we will. Dorights’ mission is to rebalance the climate within one generation.

What are negative emissions?

Either it is an action that removes greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, or it is an action to limit the emissions of others.

Do we need negative emissions?

Yes, unfortunately. IPCC's​ report​ points to it as a necessity if we want to keep global average temperatures below 1.5 degrees C of pre-industrial averages.

Can I cancel a subsription?

Dorights is flexible. There are no complex obligations, cancel anytime with a few clicks.

Can I cancel after my two free months?

Yes! But please don’t. The world needs all the support you can muster, together we are stronger.

Do I get any updates?

Yes, absolutely! We love to keep in touch and will update you frequently.

What projects do you support?

As we provide a monthly subscription projects change over time. We initially purchase emission allowances, but, will sell these if we can get more bang for the bucks!

Why can’t I chose a project to support?

Dorights is all about maximising the impact of every dime. The most attractive projects will change over time, and we will scour for these projects continuously! Unfortunately, that means you cannot chose a single project. However, you will maximise.

Evolution is adaption

Compensate or simply reduce greenhouse gas emissions with Dorights. Choose between multiple subscription plans for a simple and effective solution that suits you.

Fact: Bowerbirds have traditionally gathered colourful flowers to decorate their bower to court females. They have adapted to the vast amount of plastic available.