Dream of a brighter future
We’re at an early stage. Our growing number of members embolden and empower us to always improve. Every new membership motivates us to find two more.
On a clear mission

About Dorights

Dorights is the result of engineering studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. There was no hesitation in starting Dorights to face the major challenge of our generation - climate change.

Dorights’ recognises the difficulties and sacrifices required in living a climate neutral life. Some emissions are beyond the individual’s immediate reach. We cannot reasonably and completely avoid electricity, transportation, a home, heat or food. Nor do we possess the tools to nullify the emissions caused by these necessities of life. Instead, Dorights offer individuals the opportunity to affect the behaviour of corporations, to force them to reduce emissions through our joint power. Dorights will strive ruthlessly to simplify negative emissions for the individual. We will do this to enable individuals to do right by their conscience. Watch the video below to see how we do it.

We wish we weren’t needed

Dorights’ raison d’être

Our philosophy is that every corporation should have a raison d’être - a reason to exist. Dorights exists to simplify negative emissions for the individual.

Billions have been wasted on inefficient climate compensation schemes. Most services rely on over 20-year-old protocols that simply aren’t relevant anymore. Offerings have also been plagued by colonialism, lack of transparency and long-term responsibilities. Most similar services compete by claiming to offer the cheapest option. Dorights doesn’t do that. We offer the most efficient service by which we can guarantee long-term responsibility and prove our claimed results beyond any reasonable doubt. Simply put, we are quality-driven.

Hiding nothing

Radical Transparency

We adore scrutiny and invite anyone and everyone to question us. We are under no illusion about our own perfection. We are humans and we are flawed. Disagree with us? Take part of our data and let’s discuss it. We hope you are right, because that implies that we can improve.

Of all revenue disposable to Dorights, 85% is used for activities that directly reduce emissions. The remaining 15% is directed towards supporting activities that will indirectly reduce emissions. Our goals and openness are not only a promise towards our subscribers, but also to society as a whole. In no way do we seek tax havens or engage in any other colluded activities. We'll be honest about our business and where the money goes.

How it works

Amazing planet

Compensate or simply reduce greenhouse gas emissions with Dorights. Choose between multiple subscription plans for a simple and effective solution that suits you.

Fact: Leaf cutter ants practice agriculture. They provide for and fertilize fungus so they can harvest it for food later on. We humans aren’t quite as unique as we sometimes like to think.