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(Chrysanthemum) ‘Snowland’ masses of snow-white flowers bloom for months on end, good for baskets and containers, Annual


‘Mauve Blotch’


‘Atlas Series’ Large fls, to 8” tall, 6” wide, best in cooler season
‘Baby Bingo Series’ compact plants, tolerates heat, 2” blooms
‘Beaconfield’ purple with lighter purple cap
‘Bingo Series’ compact plants, large flowers, similar to Deltas
‘Black Devil’ coal black 31/2” flowers with a tiny yellow eye
‘California Pansy’ white and blue, does best in high light and cool temps
‘Colossus Series’ Mix of large flowering pansies with faces
‘Contessa Series’ Mix ruffled flower, heat & cold resistant, 2” flowers, most have faces
‘Dancer Sunset’ yellow with red face, lg. flower
‘Delta Series’ large, upright flowers, resists stretching, 6” to 8” tall, 6” wide
Tapestry Mix-Superb mix of rose, pink, apricot, primrose and cream shades.
‘Desert Sunset’ non-blotched, bi-color, 2-3” flowers on dwarf, sturdy plants.
‘Dynamite Series’ Flower size large with blotch or also clear faced, best in cool season, 6” to 8” tall, 6” wide
‘Fama Blue Angel’ light blue and white with face
‘Halloween’ mid size blooms in black and deep purple shades, some with faces
‘Happy Face Purple’ early variety, 3-3.5” flowers, dark blotched
‘Imperial Series’ large flowered, 2.5” to 3” flowers, early bloomer, heat resistant
‘Majestic Series’
flowers up to 4” across, heat resistant, contrasting dark faces.
Masterpiece ‘Chalon’s’
‘Maxim Blue & Yellow’
2.5” blotched flowers, best in Spring, tolerates adverse conditions
‘Rally Lilac Cap’ 2” flowers that face up, free flowering
‘Regal Blue & White’ compact 3” faced flowers that hold their color well
‘Rococo Mix’-large ruffled flowers, rich colors
‘Skyline Copperfield’ tones of bronze, apricot, yellow and orange with varying degrees of blotches
‘Baron Series’
abundant medium sized flowers, compact habit, early flowering
'Beacon Series’ profuse, long-lasting 2” Flowers early or late season, 6” to 8” tall, 6” wide.
‘Morpho Series’ bicolor with the upper petals medium blue and bright yellow lower petals with whiskers radiating form the center of the face
‘Scarlet & Yellow” 2-21/2” flowers
‘Silhouette Pastels’ light pink, lavender & cream, with faces
‘Universal Plus Series’ free flowering, 2” flowers
‘Beaconfield’ purple & white bicolor
‘Citrus Mix’ clear orange, yellow, or white
‘Rhapsody Mix’ rose with blotch, ivory with rose blotch and rose
‘Unique Mix’ unique colors including pink shades, white with blotch, frosty rose, antique shades, silver blue, beacon, purple and white, lavender shades, frosty cherry, and purple and yellow
‘Wink Series’ many clear yellow, scarlet and orange, and bicolor red and yellow flowers, to 2” across.


alpinum Alpine Poppy Perennial. This poppy is a splendid dwarf, cold hardy selection.  It is a wonderful addition to any rock garden. It is available in a mix of colors that will bloom through the fall, don’t over water. Full sun.  Height to 10".  Zones 5-10
miyabianum Annual. This is a miniature version of the Iceland Poppy. It has soft, lemon yellow flowers on light green hairy foliage. It is a great compact choice for the front border. Height 3-4".
nudicaule Iceland Poppy Perennial. These plants are a great choice for cold season flowers. The huge saucer shaped flowers come in many brilliant colors, and are often fragrant.  The light green leaves are hairy and lobed. Plant every fall in well-drained soil. Full sun. Zones 2-9
'Champagne Bubbles'
Mix of hugeflowers.Great for bedding. To 18"
‘Highlight Mix’
Many large and abundant flowers per plant that include a high number of halo and pastel types with a wide range of early flowering colors.
'Meadow Pastels'
Mix of white, cream, pink, rose, yellow, orange, & bicolors. Height 24-30"
'Red Sails' Huge 5" red flower. Great for cutting.
'San Remo' Large flowering mix that is great for cutting. Height 30"
‘Summer Breeze Series’ a hybrid annual with many of the qualities of Papaver nudicale but with a neat compact habit and is very free flowering.
'Wonderland' Series Large flowers available in orange, pink shades, yellow, white, and mix. Height 12-14"
orientale Oriental Poppy Perennial. This is a real showstopper.  It is best to plant these in fall for a colorful display starting the following summer. The huge saucer shaped flowers are available in many brilliant colors. Don't over water!  Full sun to light shade in hotter areas 
'Allegro' Large scarlet/orange flowers. Height 18-24" Zones 3-8
‘Checkers’ perennial poppy with silky white flowers marked inside with a deep black cross, Zones 4-9
‘Princess Victoria Louise’ to 3’ tall, showy salmon-pink 3-6” flowers with a black eye Zones 4-9


‘Shirley Mix’ This is the cultivated cousin of the wild poppy. The huge single blooms have pale centers.  The mix consists of pink, red, white, and bicolors.  Full sun.  Height 30-48” Zones 5-9
‘Angel’s Choir’ double flowers in white, misty pink, misty lilac, rose, apricot pink and some interesting picotees. Annual 24-30” tall


coelestinum ‘Mediterranean’ Himalayan Forget-me-not, with many bright, sky blue flowers with dark gentian blue eyes produced on numerous sprayed stems above silvery-gray foliage, 18” to 24”


Perennial. This drought tolerant plant will add interesting structure to the garden. The upright spikes are covered with bell shaped flowers for the entire summer. They are a favorite of Hummingbirds. Full sun to part sun. Filtered sun inland.
, bush penstemon, to 24 inches high, rose-pink flowers that age to white, zones 3-10 
barbartus ‘Elfin Pink’ clear pink flowers, a dwarf to 1’ tall Zones 3-10
digitalis ‘Husker’s Red’ small white flowers and attractive reddish purple foliage, a vigorous plant to 30 inches high. Zones 3-9
‘EarlyBird Mix’
a recent introduction for the cut flower industry, white flowers on a tall 30” plus plant
‘Iron Maiden’ This perennial’s popularity has always been hampered by its tendency to sprawl. Glowing vermilion 2” blooms are enhanced by blue foliage and stems. 48”.
'Jingle Bells'  scarlet flowers. Height 4-6"
'Navigator' Mix of straight colors. Height 8-10"
‘Patio Series’ a mix of coral, pearl, pink and purple, to 15” tall
‘Petite Bouquet’ Mixture includes blue, white, pink, red and crimson along with bicolor. 14”.


atriplicifolia Russian Sage Perennial. This upright plant with huge spikes of lavender-blue flowers is a must for any large garden.  The upright habit of the dissected, gray, aromatic foliage makes an excellent backdrop. The flowers peak in late summer and last well into the fall. It looks great in formal and natural settings. Full sun.  Height 48" Zones 5-9


microcephala Red Dragon a foliage plant for containers and hanging baskets with red leaves and a dark center chevron and silvering. Keep moist in sun or part shade. Grows to 24-36” high and 18-24” wide. Zones 4-10


'Aladdin' series compact plants
‘Cherry Morning Mix’ pink shades
‘Nautical Mix’ - blue shades
‘Carpet Series’ mound forming. A carpet of flowers all summer long!  Smaller, more    numerous flowers, 10-12” tall, 12” wide
‘Celebrity Series’ early flowering multiflora, 3” blooms
‘Niagra Mix’ large, single, shades of blue & white, 8-10” tall & wide
‘Dream Series’ single, large blooms, 12” tall, 12-15” wide, free flowering
‘Flash Series’ single, large flowers, 10-12” tall, "12-15” wide, 3-4” flowers
‘Hulahoop Series’ a picoteed variety, bicolor, 3” flowers with white edging
‘Jelly Bean Mix‘ delightful pastel mix
‘Old Glory’ a mix of red, white, and blue
‘Prism Series’ Weather tolerant series of grandiflora petunias that produce compact, uniform plants with large, slightly ruffled flowers. Plants are resistant to heavy rain & wind.
‘Ultra Crimson Star’ white stripes on ruffled crimson flowers, 12-14” tall, 12-15” wide
‘Wave and Double Wave Series’ blooms feely all season with out trimming, Botrytis-tolerant, handles heat and humidity, 2-3” flowers


Perennial. This genus is known for its showy star shaped flowers. The name Phlox translates to Flame, a perfect description when one thinks of the brightly colored flowers. Butterflies and Hummingbirds love this plant. Full sun to part sun
paniculata Garden Phlox The huge round flower clusters top tall stems. The large medium green leaves are prone to Mildew if planted in shade, but the newer cultivars are bred for resistance. Height 3-4'. Zones 4-10
'David' Pure white, fragrant
'Eva Cullum'
Pink w/ dark eye.
'Franz Schubert'
Lilac w/ crimson eyes
‘John Fanick’ light pink flowers with darker throats. Heat, drought and mildew resistant.
'Orange Perfection'
Salmon orange
deep crimson red blossoms
'The King'
Large, purple
 Creeping Phlox These creeping perennials are perfect for covering hillsides. The foliage is a soft green mossy carpet, and is blanketed with the star shaped flowers from spring into early summer. They are a knockout in rock gardens. Height 4", trails to 15" Zones 3-10
'Appleblossom' Pale pink flowers
'Emerald Blue'
Blue flowers
'Emerald Pink' Pink flowers
‘Candy Stripe’ pink with white stripe
‘Coral Eyes’ light pink with coral center
'Pinwheel' White with pink stripes
‘Red Wings’ red
‘Scarlet Flame’ red
‘White Delight’ white

Annual Phlox: bedding types

‘Cecily Mix’ drummondii
‘Dolly Mix’ dwarf, compact, ball-shaped plants w/abundant flowers, 4-6”
‘Promise Series’ semi-double’ flowers, 6-8”


Grown most often as a trailing houseplant, this plant will do double duty if you use it in your baskets and planters for the summer months. The showy, heart shaped, hairy foliage is hard to beat. Spikes of small blue or purple flowers appear in the summer months. Water well in sunny locations. Part sun to shade.  Zones 9-10
‘Mona Lavender’ one of a kind, has lavender flowers and is perfect for Fall in warmer climates
‘Nico’ dark green leaves, semi prostrate habit, excellent accent plant


carpensis ‘Escapade Blue’ a more compact and better branching cultivar with deep sky blue flowers. Does best in full sun Zones 9-10



reptans 'Blue Pearl' Perennial. This charmer will add some brightness to the shade garden. The basal fern-like foliage contrasts well with the erect stems and loose panicles of bell-shaped flowers of blue or white. Full to part shade. Height to 3 feet. Zones 4-9
‘Apricot Delight’ a rare and delicate combination of apricot and lilac where the blooms are produced in great quantity often covering the entire plant for long periods. 15-20” high Zones 3-7

Poppy    see also Papaver

California Poppy; eschscholzia californica           
An annual that can live 2 to 3 seasons. This California native has blue-green fern like leaves covered with orange “poppy” flowers.  Full sun and poor, well drained soil. Do not over fertilize!  Do not over water!  Height 8-12”. Zones 6-10
‘Apricot Chiffon’ semi-double chiffon textured apricot flowers with yellow centers
'Mission Bells' A mix of orange, red, and yellow single and semi-double blooms
‘Rose Chiffon’ semi-double chiffon textured rose-pink flowers with yellow centers
'Thai Silk' semi double flowers with a silky texture in a wide range of colors: from apricot to cream, pale pink to carmine rose, orange scarlet to brilliant orange. Full sun, height 8"

caespitosa Dwarf California Poppy
Annual. This is a very compact cousin of E. californica. It has small lemon yellow blooms that are mildly fragrant. Treat it the same as its cousin. Full sun.  Height to 6" Zones 7-10


grandiflora ‘Margarita’ series Excellent performance in the landscape. Margarita’s large, semi-double blooms exhibit profuse, compact uniform flowering.
‘Banana’ bright yellow
‘Rosita’ vibrant, hot-pink flower.
‘Mix’ bright yellow, white, ivory, hot pink

‘Sundial’ series large, colorful flowers, 4” tall, 18-24” wide, flowers stay open longer during the day

‘Mango’ apricot orange
‘Peppermint’ rose pink w/red flakes

‘Tutti Fruitti Mix’ apricot/salmon tones and white


aurea 3-6” with butter yellow flowers May to July, full sun well drained soil Zones 3-8


Primrose Perennial, treated as annual. This genus is sought after for its ability to bloom through the colder winter months. Part sun to part shade. 
acaulis (vulgaris)  English/Common Primrose This species is the primrose most everyone is familiar with. The leaves are a crinkled medium green. They form a basal rosette with the hairy flower spikes held well above the foliage, to 8" tall

'Danova' Series extra early, large flowers
‘Finesse’ Series silver or golden edges
‘Pageant' Series early season type
'Quantum' Series compact, long-lasting

malacoides 'Prima Mix'  Fairy Primrose        
This species has hairy, light green, ovate leaves.  The habit and flowers are much more "airy" than common primrose. Height to 12"
'Libre' Series obconica Choose this series if you want a coarser texture than the 'Prima' series. The flower umbels are held high above the light green, oblong, serrated leaves.  Height to 12"
x polyantha 'Pacific Giant' Series This hybrid is completely cold hardy, and will even bloom under snow!  It has large, medium green "cabbage" leaves and huge, dense, flat umbels of scented flowers. Height 8” to 12"
‘Renaissance Mix’


vulgaris 'Anemone pulsatilla' Spring blooming perennial with nodding purple flowers with yellow centers. Varieties can be found with white, pink or red flowers. Leaves are pale green and very hairy. Height and spread is 10". Grow in full sun or part shade in hotter climates and good drainage is essential. Zones 5-9

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